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Why use Aluminum Frames vs. Wood or stone?

Read any grill manufactures guidelines for installation and you will find, you can not build in a cabinet out of wood.

So you want to build the Outdoor Kitchen of your dream and find a contractor or some guy out of the newspaper, here is what you can expect. They never talk to you about the foundation, building materials or proper ventilation, only that they have the best price in town.

You ask how the structure is made and what materials will they use. They assure you that treated wood frames wrapped in Hardi Backer is adequate or "of course it’s flame proof.”

They are NOT!

They will Not tell you about swelling or contracting with the weather, temperature fluctuation, or humidity causing cracks and breaks in granite.

The FLO Grills Professionals will take the time to explains things like ventilation, predominate winds and finishing materials.

You learn about lifetime warranties against rust, corrosion, workmanship. Not to mention custom designs and options you may have never considered.

When you are ready for the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, talk to the experts.

Our Gourmet Grill Consultants make sure all of your needs are met.

We understand this process can be confusing and overwhelming. We help you make an educated decision about what's best for your project long term.

This is as much an investment into your home as a great Living space. You owe it to yourself to get all the answers to your questions answered and have it built by the professionals at FLO Grills of Austin.




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